About Mike Halvorsen

I have spent over 15 years building things on the Internet. For the past 8 years, I have focused on developing audiences and driving traffic at scale while maintaining a balance with user experience. My main area of expertise today is helping improve search engine visibility and user experience for large scale 1M+ page websites.

With an extensive background in web development, I am able to bridge the gaps between executive, marketing, and development teams to provide a comprehensive solution for online visibility.

I spent two and a half years working for an Internet startup to help it become a top 30 US website with over 100M pages indexed in Google. During my tenure at Manta, revenue doubled and the company went from 40 employees to over 130 employees. This was largely due to the increase in organic traffic that I helped drive to Manta.com. With my technical background, I was able to build custom cutting edge dashboards to monitor online visibility in the search engines. With these dashboards, I paid close attention to the health of the site to ensure the best experience for users and crawlers.

I have experience in working with clients both large and small, in every field from B2B, manufacturing, healthcare, entertainment, automotive, to consumer goods. I have worked with nationally recognized brands and small family owned businesses. I can help you with your existing website or help you every step of the way in building a new website to gain an audience that drives revenue.

Michael Patrick Halvorsen.